deep / dubstep / Electronic

Vaccine – Decryption EP


Vaccine (Christine Clements) is a female dubstep record producer based in California, United States.
Having been involved with the promotions end of the industrial rock and IDM music scenes since she was a teenager, and running drum & bass and dubstep record labels with her husband, ASC, writing her own music – after she’d been promoting other people’s for years – was a logical progression

She is the first female producer signed to a label (Hotflush Recordings) within, what was up until then, a genre whose producers were almost entirely male.

Vaccine’s style has been recognised as being considerably more melodic and not necessarily as dancefloor-orientated as her male cohorts, with XLR8R magazine noting her ‘subtle melodies and echoed vocals’, as well as stating that ‘(Vaccine’s) constructions aren’t necessarily main floor rave fodder, but rather, comedown music for a 6 a.m. all-back-to-mine’, as well as mentioning ‘jittery electronic elements with gothic ambient nuances’

Clements is a self-described Skinny Puppy and Portishead fan. Her influences are “Nine Inch Nails, Dom & Roland, Skinny Puppy, The Prodigy, Technical Itch, Sasha and Digweed, Future Sound of London, Akira Yamaoka, Helios, Harold Budd, Surgeon, Zero 7, Portishead, Massive Attack and  Tricky.

Vaccine returns to Auxiliary with a digital only offering for Transmissions series. Four tracks here from the depths of the Vaccine vaults, sitting mainly around the 140 bpm mark. These tracks are actually from a few years back, when Vaccine was working with the likes of Nonplus and Hotflush. Great to see some fresh releases!


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