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30 Tracks You Should Hear Right Now


It’s time once again for another  mixtape. My own playlist of 30 Tracks that I really do think everyone needs to listen to.
This mixtape is the usual selection of good music I’ve discovered in the past weeks. There’s a ton of new and first -time artists here. I hope y’all find a few good tracks you enjoy. Thank you for all of those who submitted suggestions as well . As always, thanks for listening folks!



Lusine – Arterial
David Douglas Ft. Blaudzun – White Heat Blood (Kyson Remix)
Koda & Bijou – There (A Sol Mechanic Remix)
Paul White – Where You Gonna Go?
18+ – All The Time
Gold Zebra – Drift Away
Reighnbeau – Milk Of Amnesia
mus.hiba – hitomi (with Abigail Press)
Jake Hart -That Touch
Pearl – I Know (Dpat Remix)
Shivum Sharma -Flicker
Mincha.-Missing You
Populous – Fall (feat. Cuushe)
eliotlipp- The Western (feat. Cherub)
Occupanther- Down
Haim -My Song 5 (Movement Version)
Buscabulla – ‘Temporal’
Paranoia (sacrd rtual) – Chance The Rapper rewwork
Beacon – Fault Lines
Mura Masa – Miss You
tennyson- With You
GL – Won’t You See
Andrea- Tenderly
The unused word – Trans Fatty Acid (Acoustic Live Cover – Testa Rmx)
The Trouble | Pogo
Shura Indecision
S.Maharba -Memorial
Swim Good & RLMDL – Saturday
Chancha Via Circuito – Jardines ft. Lido Pimienta
The Code – Her



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