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28 Tracks You Should Hear Right Now


The first time I was told that I have terrific  taste in music a few years ago when I was invited to become a moderator of /r/futurepopmusic: experimental pop music on reddit .Invited me founder Marc Abbey aka sirmarcus.This group is really awesome and exactly what I come to futurepop looking for. Thank you Mark. I’ve compiled my own playlist of 28 Tracks that I really do think everyone needs to listen to, I’m not saying my music taste is better than anyone else’s but I think it is an under-recognized taste That deserves a listen.One of my least favorite things …Big collection of great tunes . There’s a mixtape of some great older/but less-known artists and of course some brand new artists and tracks as well.


Edamame – Night Chirps
Congruence – Let Go (Play It Louder Vol.3)
Erik Hassle – Pathetic (Chrome Sparks Remix)
Pascäal – Drowning In You (Mincha Edit)
Kalipo – Lux
Wyatt – Places
TOKIMONSTA -Steal my Attention(off the upcoming ‘Desiderium’ album)
ODESZA – Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)
Vaults – Lifespan
CORBU -Fields & Flowers
Movement – Ivory
FKA Twigs – Water Me (MAU Remix)
Kasper Bjørke – Sylvia feat. CTM
tālā -Serbia
Darkside – Gone Too Soon
Lone – Jaded
Yon Yonson – Closer To The Sun
Joey Pecoraro- Sign Me
Hope – Nude
Telescope Thieves – Quiet Hearts
Lack Of Substance
Reighnbeau – Milk Of Amnesia
HTRK – Chinatown Style
Pogo – I Want.
Yakamoto Kotzuga – All These Things I Used To Have
SOHN – The Chase
Natasha Kmeto – The Ache (Letherette Remix)


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