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Haioka – Rei Row


Shintaro Haioka, born in Yokohama, Japan  is active based in Tokyo.
His music is like “Ukiyo-e” pictures of present days.
He describes Japanese souls by mixing Japanese traditional sounds with electronic sounds.
Since 2006, he has been an active member of the Japanese electronic bands “BREMEN” and “The KAH”.
The bands had some gigs at big music festivals in Japan.
They played: SummerSonic, HACIENDA OISO Fes, NAGISA, and more.

Haioka  started solo-project in 2012.
Soon after his debut, his demo tracks were accepted by Japanese traditional artists
and he played at galleries with their installation.
He was hailed as a member of a Japanese Arts project
with a Sho-dou (Japanese calligraphy) artist “Bunsho Nagata”
and a modern sumi (Japanese ink) picture artist “Yasuhiro Nakano”.
The projects named “NHN” will be held around the world in 2014.

In September 2013, he released “Blowin’ in the Wind of Love” EP
on Emerald & Doreen Records (Berlin, Germany).
The EP was ranked No.1 on whatpeopleplay Electronica topseller chart.

Now, in 30th MAY 2014 , he will release  “Rei Row “EP on Emerald & Doreen Records. Preview it below.



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