Different Sleep – Conflict EP

Different Sleep

The latest from Chicago based producer Different Sleep (Rafa Alvarez) has a new album out. Conflict is a four track EP ,released through the Friends of Friends label , is a journey in the realms of instrumental hip hop, EDM, and ambient music.

” The Conflict EP is a testament to the concept of heartache resulting in the creation of ideas that could only be evoked during emotional turmoil (these songs were written when my girlfriend moved away to a different city and our relationship came to an end). When you’ve invested so much time and energy into someone and you have to watch them go, you feel wasted, torn apart, barely attached by the shreds of memories that remain. These are the times when you feel the most susceptible to your darkest thoughts.

Even though these times of your life may be the most difficult, there is something beautiful captured within these moments of struggle.”




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