DOWNOLOAD / Electronic

Heal – Kyote

Heal – Kyote

LA Based duo Heal delivers a soothing experiencing that plays like a mix-tape, on cloud formed from the dust of unicorns and childhood dreams.

The tracks are all titled with a single cryptic and mystical word that leaves the readers minds to fill the blanks with their own imagination. Aurally the release follows the same creative approach. 15 tracks that flow seamlessly into eachother as your mind creates a narrative crafted from the depths of your subconsciousness.

Each track has a minimal approach to it, in that nothing grabs your attention forcefully. Texturally the layers and minute precise touches and depth are present if you wanna dig into the tracks musically. Each track is lovingly crafted with bubbling poly melodies, extended sweeping progressions and soothing drums.

Heal approaches music much like I imagine a modern, minimalist graphic artist approaches design. Never overpowering the senses, but each sound is painstakingly crafted and placed for a very specific reason.

To create a journey invoking memories and emotions.

Thats why I find that letting the songs operate as background music during a nighttime drive or during work actually achieves an enhanced experience. The experience the music was designed to facilitate.

Your mind will naturally start to craft stories comprised of fractured memories hopes, dreams and relationships all filtered through your now invigorated imagination.

This is more than beats, this is music.

Snag a free download and start your journey.


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