patten – ESTOILE NAIANT(stream album)


On February 24th, Warp Records will release ESTOILE NAIANT, the new album from visionary musician and producer patten. This LP forms a key turning point in patten’s catalogue, connecting the dots between early self-released CDRs of delicately interlocking instrumentals, with the highly textured and detailed beat-led compositions explored on 2013′s surprise EOLIAN INSTATE EP. The new full-length sees him step out of the shadows and into full focus, melding the avant garde with a sympathy for the everyday language of the radio or the club. This clarity of approach and distinctive melodic and rhythmic sensibility sees a psychedelically-tinged pop characteristic shine through his unique forward-thinking sonics.

The ongoing visual collaborations with artist Jane Eastlight further express this generous, outward-reaching, and satisfyingly mind-altering approach, with sleeve artwork, videos and even apparel developing, extending the characteristics of the music into all avenues of contemporary culture. patten’s world is without boundaries or genre.Check out the video for “Drift” below.

Stream patten’s new album


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