Electronic / experimental

PL2UA by PL2UA [support for Ukraine]


Idependent Poland to Independent Ukraine

PL2UA compilation is an expression of solidarity and support of Polish musicians for people who suffer as a result of clashes in the Ukraine. By providing their music in digital form, the artists want to help those in need and those that require support. Independent can be understood in two ways: on the one hand as an independent music scene, and on the other as the independent Ukraine which is fought for by its people. Polish artists are supported by several artists from other countries of Eastern Europe, uncluding some Ukrainians as well. All tracks have been made available by the artists free of charge, most of them previously unreleased or prepared exclusively for this compilation.
PLN 10 is the minimum price for the entire compilation and PLN 3 – the minimum price for one song. But stick to the “name your price” principle. You can purchase the whole compilation or select individual songs – every amount of money is important. We will pass the funds collected to the “Open Dialogue” Foundation, acting, among others, for the benefit of the Ukraine.

Please share if you would like to support.


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