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Chloe Martini – Reborn EP

Chloe Martini

Today was released first album Chloe Martini .

Chloe’s sound caught the attention of Mellow Orange about a year ago. Her style displayed her classical background with a touch of electronic music. They reached out and asked her to work with them, but at the time she humbly declined, stating that she simply wasn’t ready to put together anything official. Since then, she has crafted her production skills, released smashing remixes and collaborated on tracks with other great producers/artists.

“Reborn” EP is about the journey of Chloe Martini’s life to the point where she is now, enchanted by the magic of making music. At times she considers music as her one way ticket to freedom/getaway from reality. Chloe Martini has displayed skills set beyond her age (20yrs old) and she’s only scratching the tip of the iceberg with this EP.


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