DOWNOLOAD / Electronic

Flying Lotus – Puppet Talk (Bodhi Glitch Remix)

Bodhi-Glitch Bodhi-Glitch a.k.a Max Rushton producer, lover of glitch and melody. Born and raised in Canterbury, Kent has emerged as a promising young talent within the electronic music scene. Fusing a combination of electronic styles, he creates a blend of sounds that echoes the off-kilter wonk of the American west-coast hip-hop scene, whilst maintaining a melodic and intricately layered, almost soundscape-esque theme, that seems to reflect his musical upbringing, with faint elements of psychedelic prog rock, soul and early hip-hop moving seamlessly in and out of clarity. Bodhi-Glitch with a delightful organic sounding remix intertwined with beautiful glitchy textures. The man showcases the potential of the recently released Flying Lotus freebie zip file by reworking parts from the drafts creating a gorgeous vibe.


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