Alternative R&B / Electronic

Dpat – In Bloom


23 year old, Houston, Texas native, Dpat, started his journey in formal music production a few years ago and has already garnered a most impressive resume including collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd, Sango and JMSN to name a few. With one self-released EP, Blurry, under his belt, Dpat takes In Bloom to the next level and departs from a heavy sample-based sound replacing it with live guitar, piano, and vocal collaborations.

In Bloom showcases a beautiful mixture of lush soundscapes layered with soulful rnb vocals and swirled in live instrumentation, in large part performed by the project’s creator, Dpat. The title track “Above Us”, represents Dpat’s soft, yet intentional beat structure full of dreamy keys, rnb charisma and Sango-infused bass lines. Angelic vocals from Austin-based Isles are weaved throughout the track making it a realistic glimpse into the sound story of In Bloom.

Dpat “Bloom” music video directed & cinematography by J.Vash.

“The album atmosphere is dark, contemplative, enigmatic and embodies a nocturnal vibe” -Dpat


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