xSDTRK – powDer (Official Video)


Starting with the piano at the age of three, Yoni (Yonatan Ayal) studied at the Toronto Royal Conservatory, and has since moved on to become an optimistic multi-instrumentalist with an appreciation for all musical genres. Needless to say, he has had music on his mind since a young age. The twenty-three year old’s talent and musical foresight can be attributed to his knack for taking pop conventions and turning them on their heads. Although his work as a producer can be exemplified through collaborations with the likes of Karl Wolf on “Yalla Habibi”, his creative abilities are best reflected through his solo act, “xSDTRK”. The young producer has dreams of creating a symphony of noise that evokes influences such as Björk and dizzying tribal 808s. Yoni also professes the necessity of keeping his music simple, all the while pushing the boundaries of mainstream sensibilities. His insatiable creative appetite doesn’t stop with music; he also plans on making films in order to exhibit his songs through a more visual medium. One thing is for sure, the Montreal born musician is trailblazing a path through the international music scene one beat at a time.Check out his brand new amazing  music video …


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