Kero One – In All the Wrong Places (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Originally released in 2006, the single, “In all the Wrong Places,” from California rapper/producer Kero One finally gets the music video treatment. This song is arguably the best known track from Kero One throughout his 10 year professional music career, topping iTunes charts back in 2006 and since being uploaded to youtube as a stream in 2008, has now garnered almost half a million views.

With the passion to execute interesting visual interpretations and with the support of his Kickstarter fans, Kero One has managed to get together a music video for “In All the Wrong Places” that takes viewers on an strange journey complete with throwback references to “E.T.,” early 1900s war imagery, and diamonds falling from the sky. Although one might wonder why Kero One waited this long to finally come out with a video for a song he made 7 years ago, he claims: “I have a personal connection to this song. It’s always been a favorite of mine and I dreamed of having a music video for this song one day. There wasn’t a director whom I felt could do it justice at the time, so when I finally found one who could, I knew had to do it”.



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