Jai Paul- Str8 Outta Mumbai


Paul is a British songwriter and record producer from Rayners Lane, United Kingdom.

Ever since “BTSTU” and “Jasmine” were released, the world has been craving a full length from the incredibly talented producer, Jai Paul. Last Saturday, Paul seemingly released his debut album on his bandcamp page. It consisted of 16 tracks and none of them had names. Unfortunately however, there has been a lot of confusion and controversy over whether or not the album was officially released by Paul. In either case, the tracks were in fact recorded by Paul and they are just as innovative and awesome as anything he has done in the past. Track 2, later recognized as the demo, “Str8 Outta Mumbai” is energetic, funky and features a great sample of an indian styled track. Even though it might have been illegally leaked, tracks like these show that Jai Paul has been working hard. And it if hasn’t paid off for him yet, it sure will soon enough.

Track 2 (Str8 Outta Mumbai)” by Jai Paul sampled Vani Jairam’s “Bala Main Bairagan Hoongi”.

Easily one of my favorite tunes of the past year. The whole “leaked” demos really deserve a proper listen.

That leaked demos collection is one of the better releases of the year, I’ve been anxiously awaiting some sort of official release since his first single, this is something at least.

video -nice job David Dean Burkhart


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